Welcome to Homework for Health!

Hearing that your child’s cholesterol is high can seem scary and surprising. It takes time, but with a little bit of “homework” you and your family will have a healthy, happy future!

Our job is to give you the resources you need to make focused changes that will improve your child’s cholesterol and help them move forward toward a healthier future. It starts with providing fun, educational (and accurate) tools that teach how our bodies work, so you and your family are empowered to make smart choices about your health. Read more…

Our book, Adventures in Cholesterol, is now available on Amazon!

Meet the Cholesterol Team!

They will take you on adventures throughout your body, showing you how they work, and how your decisions affect them – So hold on tight and get ready for a fun adventure! Read more…

Homework for Health makes getting healthy FUN!

  • “The cholesterol friends make it fun and encourage you to be healthier!”

    – Leah and Ashlyn

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Exercise Videos for Kids!
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