Carol A. Wittlieb-Weber, M.D.

Carol A. Wittlieb-Weber, M.D.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


General Pediatric Cardiology, Transthoracic/Transesophageal/Fetal Echocardiography, Preventive Cardiology (Hyperlipidemia), Cardiomyopathy/Heart Failure and Heart Transplantation


Why did you choose Pediatric Cardiology as your specialty?

I always wanted to be a doctor as long as I can remember. I chose a pediatric specialty because I love being around kids and they keep me motivated. From a cardiology standpoint, I find the heart to be fascinating to learn about and to understand. I had a positive experience with a pediatric cardiologist when I was a teenager that ultimately drew me to the field.

Lippy is really good at delivering cholesterol. What are you really good at?

I have a lot of energy and I feel like I’m good at motivating people to make positive changes. I like to boost people up so they can take ownership of their health.

Now be honest…who is your favorite cholesterol friend?

I like Huddle the most because he is the helper and cleans things up. His role is similar to mine when I help others and motivate them to be healthier.

Why should I get my child’s cholesterol checked?

More people have high cholesterol than is known. Often times they don’t show signs on the outside which is why screening (with blood work) is important. If high cholesterol is present, we can intervene early to help prevent heart disease in the future.

If my child’s cholesterol levels are high, will they need to take medication?

Most often the answer is ‘no’. Some times we recommend it, but we always try to make changes to diet and exercise first.

Anything else you’d like parents to know about issues related to cholesterol?

The important thing to know is that we are here to help your child (and hopefully the entire family) to learn to make healthy choices with their diet and with exercise. We aim to do a lot more then prescribe medication (though this is needed at times).  

Interviewed July 28, 2017