Lisa Cooper Hudgins, M.D.

Lisa Cooper Hudgins, M.D.

Dr. Hudgins specializes in pediatrics, nutrition, and lipid metabolism and practices in the greater New York area.


Pediatrics, nutrition and lipid metabolism

Medical Interests

Prevention of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes, LDL-apheresis

Director of Pediatric Program, Rogosin Institute Comprehensive
Lipid Control Center (CLCC)
Associate Professor of Pediatrics in Medicine and Pediatrics,
Weill Cornell Medical College

New York Presbyterian Hospital at Cornell
Associate Physician, The Rockefeller University Hospital


Where is your office located? How would kids and their families find you?
Parents can make an appointment through:
505 East 70th Street
New York, NY 10021
For appointments, call 212-746-6972 (Pediatric department)

Lippy is really good at delivering cholesterol. What are you really good at?
I’m good at explaining to kids and their parents how cholesterol works in their body.

Now be honest…who is your favorite cholesterol character in Adventures in Cholesterol?
Lippy – He’s the most important one to learn about because he can get into the most trouble.

Education and Training

Medical Education: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Residency: Bronx Municipal Hospital Center/Albert Einstein

Fellowship: Clinical Scholarship, The Rockefeller University

Interviewed March 4, 2016