Want to have fun AND learn about healthy choices?

What are the first steps in getting your cholesterol numbers to healthy levels?  Make sure you are eating healthy foods and exercising every day.

Do you need ideas on how to make healthy improvements?  Try these sites for fun games that teach you about healthy eating and exercise…but remember, the healthiest choice is to keep your screen time to two hours or less a day!​​



Audience: Children ages 7 – 14 Funder: Trainer was independently developed by students of the University of Southern California and supported by a gift from Humana Inc. Description: A game inspired by Pokémon (Gameboy, Nintendo), Trainer gives Players the responsibility of caring for creatures who all have dietary and fitness needs. Unique to any other title currently on the market, the Player actually trains with the creatures. When one of the creature exercises, so does the Player! Both benefiting by this shared activity.


Dining Decision Game

Can you pick the healthy foods?


Kids Games + Activities

Try these free online learning games about nutrition and healthy eating. Whether at home or school, our interactive games and tools will teach children and teens about healthy eating, exercise and where their food comes from. These online games are not only fun, but parents and teachers like them because they are educational too!