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Homework for Health would like to introduce other cholesterol experts across the country who share in our mission to improve children’s health.

Each month, we will feature a different expert in the lipids field.
This month, we’d like to introduce you to:

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Samuel Gidding, M.D.

Emeritus Chief, Pediatric Cardiology - Nemours. Children’s Health System
Dr. Gidding, a leader in the Pediatric Cardiology field, spoke with us about his specialty…
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Lisa Cooper Hudgins, M.D.

Director of Pediatric Program, Rogosin Institute Comprehensive Lipid...
Dr. Hudgins specializes in pediatrics, nutrition, and lipid metabolism and practices in the greater New York area…
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Amy Peterson, M.D.

UW SMPH Pediatric Preventative Cardiology Clinic
Dr. Peterson is a Pediatric Cardiologist based in Madison, WI and works for the UW Health System at the Pediatric…
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Patrick E. McBride, M.D., M.P.H.

Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Dr. McBride is a pioneer in the lipids field and co-authored the cholesterol recommendations…
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Don P. Wilson, M.D.

Director REACH program, Cook Children's, Fort Worth, Pediatric Endocrinology
Dr. Wilson specializes in Endocrinology, the study of hormones, growth problems, thyroid problems, and diabetes.
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Carol A. Wittlieb-Weber, M.D.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Dr. Wittlieb-Weber specializes in General Pediatric Cardiology, Transthoracic/Transesophageal/Fetal Echocardiography…

Are you searching for medical professionals near you who are
experts on cholesterol problems in children and families?

The National Lipids Association keeps a directory of doctors, advanced practice providers, dietitians, and nurses who have additional training in this field. For specialists for kids, be sure to click the dropdown “Practice Focus” to select “Pediatrics”.


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